Xenophon’s Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War

Xenophon's Cyrus the Great: The Arts of Leadership and War Author Xenophon
ISBN-10 0312364695
ISBN-13 9780312364694
Year 2007-04-03
Pages 320
Language English
Publisher St. Martin’s Griffin
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In 1906 a stilted English translation of Xenophon of Athens story about Cyrus the Great s military campaigns was published Now a century later a much more accessible edition of one of history s most extraordinary and successful leaders is emerging Among his many achievements this great leader of wisdom and virtue founded and extended the Persian Empire conquered Babylon freed 40 000 Jews from captivity wrote mankind s first human rights charter and ruled over those he had conquered with respect and benevolence According to historian Will Durant Cyrus the Great s military enemies knew that he was lenient and they did not fight him with that desperate courage which men show when their only choice is to kill or die As a result the Iranians regarded him as The Father the Babylonians as The Liberator the Greeks as the Law Giver and the Jews as the Anointed of the Lord By freshening the voice style and diction of Cyrus Larry Hedrick has created a more contemporary Cyrus A new generation of readers including business executives and managers military officers and government officials can now learn about and benefit from Cyrus the Great s extraordinary achievements which exceeded all other leaders throughout antiquity

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