Windows 10: The New 2017 Updated User Guide to Learn Microsoft Windows 10 (tips and tricks, user manual, 2017 updated user guide) (windows,guide,general,all,new,user) (Volume 1)

Windows 10: The New 2017 Updated User Guide to Learn Microsoft Windows 10  (tips and tricks, user manual,  2017 updated user guide) (windows,guide,general,all,new,user) (Volume 1) Author Paul Laurence
ISBN-10 1544617070
ISBN-13 9781544617077
Year 2017-03-11
Pages 64
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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Windows 10 The New 2017 Updated User Guide to Learn Microsoft Windows 10 user manual tips and tricks general DYNAMIC and SUPERB Windows 10 Nails It FAST START UP with immediate and engaging LIVE TILES for quick access of your Facebook Twitter Instagram Accounts and preferred news sports email calendar and so much more with just one click or tap Microsoft listened to its users and released a more user friendly version that blows away the competition and previously released Windows versions And the START MENU is back in an easy to navigate traditional and alphabetical style with the added bonus of a customizable Start Menu using the Live Tiles feature which can be right click unpinned in seconds if you prefer the traditional pop up Start Menu A back to basics feel with extraordinary features allowing users to personalize their experience at a whole new level Windows phenomenal Activation that you can link your software license to your Microsoft Account Windows 10 is no longer dependent upon your devices hardware keeping user frustration with updates and installs to a minimum Xbox Live Gamers will love the new DVR function that enables instant video capture while playing your favorite games to create proof of your brag worthy moment of glory Seriously though this feature is hyper creative fun that works in any open application Microsoft has also integrated the all new Edge A built in internet browser with integrated security features that automatically update and eliminate pesky malicious malware Quickly use Web Note in Edge to make notes jot down ideas or creative inspirations youve discovered to save or share later Edge replaces the sometimes slow and aggravating MS Internet Explorer and replaces the need to physically install new versions of the browser Windows 10 easily and seamlessly integrates with all your devices and offers hundreds of apps in the Windows Store to make your operating system like your own virtual assistant Multi tasking has never been easier the new Virtual Desktop feature Here is a preview of what you ll learn Activation with Microsoft Account The Basics are Back Dynamic Live Tiles Start Menu is Back Task View for Virtual Desktops Cortana Has Ears One Drive Mail App Improvements Powerful Command Prompts Gaming and DVR with Video Capture Download your copy of Windows 10 by scrolling up and clicking Buy Now With 1 Click button Tags Windows Windows 10 guide general updated user guide tips and tricks user manual user guide Windows 10 Teach Yourself Windows Users Operate Microsoft Windows Step By Step Instructions programming operating system Microsoft updated and edited upgrade the ultimate guide beginners guide how to upgrade to windows 10 new Windows 10 Windows 10 features how to operate start menu task view file explorer widows Microsoft upgrade computers Cortana Microsoft Account Dynamic Live Tiles One Drive database programming

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