Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice, 6e

Understanding Nursing Research: Building an Evidence-Based Practice, 6e Author Susan K. Grove PhD RN ANP-BC GNP-BC
ISBN-10 1455770604
ISBN-13 9781455770601
Year 2014-10-06
Pages 544
Language English
Publisher Saunders
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As the bestselling nursing research text Understanding Nursing Research Building an Evidence Based Practice 6th Edition offers unique insights into understanding appraising and applying published research to evidence based practice It is known for its authoritative content time tested systematic approach and unique research example format newly redesigned for the sixth edition to better demonstrate how the steps of the research process relate to evidence based nursing This would be excellent for student nurses nurses new to research or any nurse with an interest in research Reviewed by Helen Reeves St Giles Walsall Hospice on behalf of Nursing Times December 2015Authoritative content is written by two of the true pioneers in nursing research who offer unique first hand insights into the field Research examples provide practice in working with published studies with many of the examples including Critical Appraisal and Implications for Practice sections Clear step by step organization introduces the research process and demonstrates how this systematic framework relates to evidence based practice Strong emphasis on evidence based practice helpsyou develop skills in studying and appraising published research soyou are prepared foryour role in working with research evidence Critical Appraisal Guidelines boxes provide step by step guidance in appraising published research studies Emphasis on critical appraisal versus critique reflects contemporary usage in nursing research and evidence based practice Balanced coverage of qualitative research preparesyou to approach research questions and clinical questions with an unbiased view of the researcher s methodology Presentation of two different appraisal processes covers both the traditional in depth critical appraisal process that preparesyou for graduate level work in research and the concise practice focused research appraisal process that equipsyou for quick and accurate evaluation of the applicability of research findings to clinical practice NEW Redesigned research example format includes research examples have been thoroughly redesigned with a clear hierarchy of subcategories NEW Improved focus on need to know content and greater use of bulleting creative illustrations and tables employs a more consistent streamlined approach from chapter to chapter NEW Updated research examples ensure you are learning through the most clinically relevant topics and studies NEW Detailed directions on how to critically appraise research syntheses such as systematic reviews meta analyses meta syntheses and mixed methods systematic reviews increase your understanding of the types of research syntheses conducted in nursing and how to determine the quality of these syntheses and the relevance of their findings for practice NEW A unique emphasis on QSEN aided by the input of a QSEN consultant increases the books relevance to national curriculum standards and promotes the safe practice of nursing by using the most current research NEW Chapter on the Enhanced Literature Review provides guidelines for structure of reviews written for different purposes NEW More practically focused chapter on Outcomes Research better addresses the trending topic of outcomes research NEW Expanded coverage of mixed methods research and translational research responds to the growing emphasis on these research emphases NEW Expanded coverage of cultural competency and cultural validity provides valuable information for providing care to diverse populations and understanding the validity of research instruments in various cultures NEW Quick reference tools include a Brief Table of Contents a new Levels of Knowledge illustration and other evidence based practice information inside the front cover A Research Designs and Statistical Analysis Techniques Reference and a new Key to Statistical Symbols are located inside the back cover NEW Enhanced illustration program incorporates re colorized illustrations and additional full color illustrations in each chapter NEW Additional design enhancements include a special 1 column adaptation of the RN Design standard table row separators and newly designed chapter openers

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