The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men

The War Against Boys: How Misguided Policies are Harming Our Young Men Author Christina Hoff Sommers
ISBN-10 1501125427
ISBN-13 9781501125423
Year 2015-09-01
Pages 288
Language English
Publisher Simon & Schuster
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An updated and revised edition of the controversial classic now more relevant than ever argues that boys are the ones languishing socially and academically resulting in staggering social and economic costs Girls and women were once second class citizens in the nation s schools Americans responded w ith concerted efforts to give girls and women the attention and assistance that was long overdue Now after two major waves of feminism and decades of policy reform women have made massive strides in education Today they outperform men in nearly every measure of social academic and vocational well being Christina Hoff Sommers contends that it s time to take a hard look at present day realities and recognize that boys need help Called provocative and controversial impassioned and articulate The Christian Science M onitor this edition of The War Against Boys offers a new preface and six radically revised chapters plus updates on the current status of boys throughout the book Sommers argues that the problem of male underachievement is persistent and worsening Among the new topics Sommers tackles how the war against boys is harming our economic future and how boy averse trends such as the decline of recess and zero tolerance disciplinary policies have turned our schools into hostile environments for boys As our schools become more feelings centered risk averse competition free and sedentary they move further and further from the characteristic needs of boys She offers realistic achievable solutions to these problems that include boy friendly pedagogy character and vocational education and the choice of single sex classrooms The War Against Boys is an incisive rigorous and heartfelt argument in favor of recognizing and confronting a new reality boys are languishing in education and the price of continued neglect is economically and socially prohibitive

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