The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise

The Smell of Rain on Dust: Grief and Praise Author Martín Prechtel
ISBN-10 1583949399
ISBN-13 9781583949399
Year 2015-04-14
Pages 184
Language English
Publisher North Atlantic Books
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Inspiring hope solace and courage in living through our losses author Martn Prechtel trained in the Tzutujil Maya shamanic tradition shares profound insights on the relationship between grief and praise in our culture how the inability that many of us have to grieve and weep properly for the dead is deeply linked with the inability to give praise for living In modern society grief is something that we usually experience in private alone and without the support of a community Yet as Prechtel says Grief expressed out loud for someone we have lost or a country or home we have lost is in itself the greatest praise we could ever give them Grief is praise because it is the natural way love honors what it misses Prechtel explains that the unexpressed grief prevalent in our society today is the reason for many of the social cultural and individual maladies that we are currently experiencing According to Prechtel When you have two centuries of people who have not properly grieved the things that they have lost the grief shows up as ghosts that inhabit their grandchildren These ghosts he says can also manifest as disease in the form of tumors which the Maya refer to as solidified tears or in the form of behavioral issues and depression He goes on to show how this collective unexpressed energy is the long held grief of our ancestors manifesting itself and the work that can be done to liberate this energy so we can heal from the trauma of loss war and suffering At base this little book as the author calls it can be seen as a companion of encouragement a little extra light for those deep and noble parts in all of us

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