The Flat-Earth Conspiracy

The Flat-Earth Conspiracy Author Eric Dubay
ISBN-10 1312627166
ISBN-13 9781312627161
Year 2014-11-09
Pages 252
Language English
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Wolves in sheep s clothing have pulled the wool over our eyes For almost 500 years the masses have been thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy tale of astronomical proportions We have been taught a falsehood so gigantic and diabolical that it has blinded us from our own experience and common sense from seeing the world and the universe as they truly are Through pseudo science books and programs mass media and public education universities and government propaganda the world has been systematically brain washed slowly indoctrinated over centuries into the unquestioning belief of the greatest lie of all time A multi generational conspiracy has succeeded in the minds of the masses to pick up the fixed Earth shape it into a ball spin it in circles and throw it around the Sun The greatest cover up of all time Nasa and Freemasonry s biggest secret is that we are living on a plane not a planet that Earth is the flat stationary center of the universe

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