The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration Author Robert S. Morse N.D.
ISBN-10 1935826190
ISBN-13 9781935826194
Year 2004-06-01
Pages 372
Language English
Publisher Kalindi Press
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You dont have to accept the death sentence offered by other medical systems Dr Morse has told thousands of patients over the years Since 1972 he has directed a health clinic in Florida successfully helping people cure themselves of cancer diabetes M S Crohns disease along with both brain and nerve damage His miracle approach is fully detailed in this comprehensive book The cause of illness is poison acidosis i e toxins from our food water and air No genuine healing can proceed in such a toxified environment Morses system is to treat the cause of illness not the symptoms The Detox Miracle Sourcebook shows you how to use raw foods and herbs as of the primary means of detoxification healing and ultimate regeneration of weak or diseased cells This book is called a sourcebook because of the vast reference material it contains The author presents a complete overview of every bodily system and every organ He details the causes of breakdown in each system and recommends natural means raw foods and herbs for cleansing and then strengthening of each part Comprehensive charts and tables specify the sources for and uses of vitamins major minerals trace minerals cell salts herbs fruits and vegetables essential oils phytochemicals His chapters on what to expect as you detoxify are especially valuable Morse describes the natural side effects from the mild to the extreme of releasing toxins from the body He explains in commonsense terms how to encourage this healing crisis while at the same time maintaining overall balance in the body He also offers dramatic accounts of how his own patients have healed themselves of chronic and acute conditions by using these methods Two detox miracle diets are offered as the core of his natural cleansing system He offers suggestions for the use of fresh juices recipes for raw foods and a selection of cooked dishes that will gently ease even the timid into the process Other outstanding features include lists of the toxic chemicals commonly found in foods air water a massive glossary of medical and nutritional terms a Resource Guide for where and how to acquire healthy foods oils bodycare products educational materials etc an extensive Bibliography

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