Please like me on Realbook: You won’t find what you are looking for in the Internet

Please like me on Realbook: You won't find what you are looking for in the Internet Author Dr Conor Jones
ISBN-10 1520981287
ISBN-13 9781520981284
Year 2017-04-02
Pages 80
Language English
Publisher Independently published
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Have you ever stopped to wonder what it is you are looking for on the internet or why you are checking social media Not in terms of what information you are seeking or what you want to share or learn but the deeper questions of why you are searching and why you are seeking connection How long do you think you spend on social media each day The average person in the developed world spends 8 15 hours a week on social media and 8 12 hours each day on some kind of device depending on where you live The time we spend on social media is the equivalent to working for an extra day or more each week Time drain on devices reduces the time we have available for other aspects of our lives which is beginning to pull on our social fabric revealing our declining mental physical and sexual health It has been nearly 20 years since the Internet Paradox was discovered where social technology reduces social involvement yet we have learnt nothing from this as a society We desperately cling to social technology despite it drastically reducing our ability to engage in meaningful social interactions then wonder why rates of self harm and suicide continue to climb Screen time and smartphone addiction are topics of conversations on everyones lips but at the same time everywhere you look there are more people focussed on their phones and disengaged from their lives How is it possible that we can be so confronted by this yet remain so unwilling to change You cant fix any problem properly until you understand and address its root cause any action without this understanding will give temporary results at best Realbook will help you to understand why we fail to recognise the effects of this paradox and what you can do reduce its impact on you and your loved ones As more people use the internet for longer every day our collective consciousness is becoming more closely linked This social contagion is not only having unprecedented impacts on individuals it is also affecting the way our society functions the nature of our beliefs the reliability of information on the internet and the rise of extremism Realbook calls for every one of us to take responsibility for the world we are creating with our thoughts and digital expressions

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