Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom

Music Theory for the Bass Player: A Comprehensive and Hands-on Guide to Playing with More Confidence and Freedom Author Ariane Cap
ISBN-10 0996727604
ISBN-13 9780996727600
Year 2015-08-25
Pages 184
Language English
Publisher Ariane Cap
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Music Theory for the Bass Player is a comprehensive and immediately applicable guide to making you a well grounded groover informed bandmate and all around more creative musician Included with this book are 89 videos that stream from the author s blog This is a workbook so have your bass and a pen ready to fill out the engaging Test Your Understanding questions This version is revised for typos and to add video flags Have you always wanted to learn music theory but felt it was too overwhelming a task Perhaps all the books seem to be geared toward pianists or classical players Do you know lots of songs but don t know how the chords are put together or how they work with the melody If so this is the book for you Starting with intervals as music s basic building blocks you will explore scales and their modes chords and the basics of harmony Packed with fretboard diagrams musical examples and exercises more than 180 pages of vital information are peppered with mind bending quizzes effective mnemonics and compelling learning approaches Extensive and detailed photo demonstrations show why relaxed posture and optimized fingering are vital for good tone timing and chops You can even work your way through the book without being able to read music reading music is of course a vital skill yet the author believes it should not be tackled at the same time as the study of music theory as they are different skills with a different practicing requirement Reading becomes much easier once theory is mastered and learning theory on the fretboard using diagrams and patterns as illustrations music theory is very accessible immediately usable and fun This is the definitive resource for the enthusiastic bassist This book and the 89 free videos stand on their own and form a thorough source for studying music theory for the bass player If you d like to take it a step further the author also offers a corresponding 20 week course this online course works with the materials in this book and practices music theory application in grooves fills and solos Information is on the author s blog

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