Muscle and a Shovel

Muscle and a Shovel Author Michael Shank
ISBN-10 0012066869
ISBN-13 9780615474618
Year 2011-05-30
Pages 380
Language English
Publisher Michael Shank
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If Amazon displays Out of Stock please go to muscle and a shovel dot com Our site is never out of stock and you can order the book at a discount Muscle and a Shovelis a raw and gritty true story about a pair of young newly weds who move to the city to chase the American dream In the process they re befriended by a man who turns their belief about God their church and their faith upside down Baptists Methodists Presbyterians Catholics the Community Churches none are spared when Truth is at stake and their new friend Randall isn t about to candy coat God s Word for the sake of political correctness or religious tolerance This story will grip you from opening to close and will stimulate your spirit on levels you didn t think possible Get ready to fight or flee because Muscle and a Shovel is one of those rare books that will raise your heart rate and your blood pressure You won t want to wait to share it with your friends or you ll want to dowse it in gasoline and set on fire There ll be no middle ground Many Christian reviewers have said This book will turn our current religious world upside down

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