Jeep Cherokee Performance Upgrades: 1984-2001 – Revised Edition (Performance How-to)

Jeep Cherokee Performance Upgrades: 1984-2001 - Revised Edition (Performance How-to) Author Eric Zappe
ISBN-10 1613251769
ISBN-13 9781613251768
Year 2015-04-16
Pages 144
Language English
Publisher CarTech
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The Jeep Cherokee XJ is a pioneering SUV that delivers commendable performance and off road capability More than 3 million Cherokee XJs were manufactured during its production run However when the XJs rolled off the production lines they were built primarily for the street As a result XJs need crucial modifications and high performance upgrades to make them better for off road duty In this revised edition author and veteran Cherokee expert Eric Zappe guides you through each stage of an XJ build so you can take the mild mannered bone stock XJ and upgrade it to a capable off road performer Zappe delves into suspension bolt on improvements including lift kits to increase ground clearance and suspension travel He also covers high performance shocks and long arm suspensions Wheels and tires are your vital link to the terrain and he reveals all of the important considerations so you can select the right combination XJs need a heavy duty steering system to negotiate challenging off road conditions and Zappe explains several ways to upgrade the steering Driveline and axle upgrades are an important part of the performance equation so these improvements are covered as well But he doesn t stop there he also explores upgrades for the 2 5 2 8 4 0 liter engines so the Cherokee has more power for off road performance In addition he covers some basic tips for adding skid plates and body strengthening If you re ready to go off road with your Cherokee but you re not planning to build a top dollar off road machine this is the book for you With the techniques and latest products described in this book you will be able to upgrade your XJ to much higher level of performance and it will be at home both off road and on

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