Hidden in Plain Sight

Hidden in Plain Sight Author Huldah Dauid
ISBN-10 0692800484
ISBN-13 9780692800485
Year 2016-10-23
Pages 250
Language English
Publisher The Awakening Remnant Koalition
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Due to the forced migrations during the Trans Atlantic slave trade many Africans have been displaced from their homelands language and culture Because of conquest colonialism and history written in jealousy the identity of this displaced people has become a topic of controversial discussion This African Diaspora has been the vehicle for stealing and recasting the historical people of the land while also veiling the truth of their pre slavery existence After nearly 400 years of the calculated misuse of religion and removal of cultural markers Hidden in Plain Sight seeks to provoke thought on religion racism and cultural appropriation in order to assist in rebuilding the foundation that has been destroyed by systemic oppression The current condition of Blacks in America is an obvious cause for concern but very few seek to tell the unbridled truth about the origin of this condition as well as those who have contributed to its perpetuation This book tackles the echoing questions of Why cant we just move on Is it truly necessary to know the past in order to change the course of the future Can there ever be solidarity amongst humanity and if so what does that look like As you read this book prepare for a liberating journey with the ultimate destination being a place of unity and redemptive truth

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