From Niggas to Gods, Part One

From Niggas to Gods, Part One Author Akil
ISBN-10 1564110648
ISBN-13 9781564110640
Year 1993-12-01
Pages 2
Language English
Publisher Lushena Books
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a message to the Black Youth This is a compilation of individual essays written during the summer fall of 1992 The essays are designed to inspire thought within the Black Mind These writings are primarily targeted toward the Black Youth of this day of which I am a part of I am not a Master of these teachings but these teachings I wish to Master They say that my generation is not intelligent enough to read a book I say that They are wrong It is just that They are not writing about anything of interest that is relevant to our lives And when They do write something they have to write in the perfect King s English to impress their Harvard Professors Here we are with a book in one hand and a dictionary in the other trying to understand what in the hell the author is talking about If you have got something to say just say it We are not impressed by your 27 letter words or your Shakespearian style of writing The Black Youth of today don t give a damn about Shakespeare This ain t no damn poetry contest Wear are dealing with the life blood and salvation of our entire Black Nation If you want to reach the People you have to embrace us where we are and then take us where we need to go So these writings are from my generation and for my generation with respect and love If no one will teach love and guide us then we will teach love and guide ourselves Peace

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