Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Sanaya Roman)

Creating Money: Attracting Abundance (Sanaya Roman) Author Sanaya Roman
ISBN-10 1932073221
ISBN-13 9781932073225
Year 2007-12-01
Pages 288
Language English
Publisher HJ Kramer/New World Library
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This step by step guide to creating money and abundance was given to Sanaya and Duane by their guides Orin and DaBen These wise spirit teachers have successfully helped thousands of people to manifest prosperity find their life s work and fulfill their life purpose This book is infused with Orin and DaBen s consciousness of abundance that is available to you as you read to increase your ability to create money and abundance You can see immediate results in your life when you learn to create abundance by following the spiritual laws of money and abundance Section I Creating Money is a step by step guide to using powerful techniques that work to draw to yourself all that you desire that is for your higher good You will practice creating what you want using energy thought and magnetism and linking with your soul and Higher Will to produce results beyond anything you can create with physical effort alone You will discover what you want and then draw things and situations to you that will fulfill and satisfy you and that are even better than what you ask for The second section of this book Developing Mastery will help you learn to work with and move through blockages you may have about bringing abundance into your life You will learn how to uncover and transform limiting beliefs develop unlimited thinking listen to your inner guidance open to success come out of survival and create miracles The third section Creating Your Life s Work will help you learn to make money and create abundance through doing the things you love You will learn many simple energy techniques to draw your ideal job to you discover your life s work and do what you love for a living The fourth section Having Money is about having and increasing money and abundance in your life You will explore increasing your abundance by honoring your value and worth and increasing your ability to receive You will learn how to create joy peace harmony clarity and self love with your money letting it flow and increase This book is filled with inspiration and encouragement to assist you in releasing lack and limitation open to receive prosperity believe in yourself and create the life you want There are many exercises to assist you in energizing your work magnetizing and drawing to you objects money clients for your business and more Abundance is your natural state As you use the information in this book you will learn how to let money flow readily into your life while doing what you love These easy to learn techniques positive affirmations and exercises will help you create rapid changes in your prosperity and lead you to mastery over your life You do not have to work hard to have abundance You can learn to work with energy to easily create what you want and attract abundance Begin today to strengthen your link to the unlimited abundance of the universe Forward from Marc Allen author publisher Since this book was first published hundreds of people have written letters and testimonials telling us how using the processes exercises and affirmations in this book have brought them prosperity and changed their lives The processes taught in this book have been used by people from all walks of life to improve their financial condition move out of lack and limitation overcome obstacles and become magnetic to abundance It has been recommended by businesses to their employees by marketing departments to their sales forces and by people all over the world to their families friends students and clients This powerful book shows you the way not only to abundance but to something far more important a life well lived full of joy and satisfaction Marc Allen Publisher New World Library and author of The Millionaire Course

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