AP Physics 1 Essentials: An APlusPhysics Guide

AP Physics 1 Essentials: An APlusPhysics Guide Author Dan Fullerton
ISBN-10 0990724301
ISBN-13 9780990724308
Year 2014-08-28
Pages 406
Language English
Publisher Silly Beagle Productions
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The best physics books are the ones kids will actually read AP Physics 1 Essentials is an easy to read guide to the entire AP Physics 1 course featuring more than 600 worked out problems with full solutions and deeper understanding questions AP Physics 1 Essentials covers all major topics included in the AP Physics 1 course including kinematics dynamics momentum impulse gravity uniform circular motion rotation work energy power mechanical waves sound electrostatics and circuits AP Physics 1 Essentials is integrated with the APlusPhysics com website which includes online question and answer forums videos animations and supplemental problems to help you master the essential concepts of physics This book is designed to assist physics students in their high school AP Physics courses both as a guide throughout the course as well as a review book to assist in end of course exam preparation Its focus is on providing the bare bones essential concepts necessary for success in the course in a straightforward and easy to read manner leaving development of in depth problem solving and lab work to the classroom where it is most effective In short this is not intended as a substitute for a standard textbook or course but rather as an invaluable supplementary resource This new 2nd edition includes more than 90 AP style problems to test your understanding and help prepare you for the AP Physics 1 Exam Additional supplemental problems are available on the APlusPhysics website

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