Akairya: First half of The Fractured Soul (Volume 1)

Akairya: First half of The Fractured Soul (Volume 1) Author Ms Abrianna Leaming
ISBN-10 1544878958
ISBN-13 9781544878959
Year 2017-04-15
Pages 348
Language English
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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The country of Alkairyn has been stained by the growing touch of a blight Named the Shadow because of its darkness its strength is only possible because the soul of the earth has fractured Unaware of the power she carries half elf Akairya is forced to flee her home city as it is destroyed by the Shadow s children Roraks and dragons who have embraced the poison Through the push of fate Akairya comes across a dragonling and together they stumble on a journey that will shatter their perception of spiritual identity and morality and eventually prepare them for the battle against the highest power of the Shadow the Shadow Lord Though they have many questions one burns the harshest Will they succeed

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