An Excuse to Draw : Tommy Kane Sketches the World

An Excuse to Draw : Tommy Kane Sketches the World

Book Title: An Excuse to Draw : Tommy Kane Sketches the World

Author: Wendy Macnaughton

Format: Hardback | 216 pages

Publication Date: 15 Mar 2014

ISBN-13: 9780956873835

Perched on a little camping stool, artist Tommy Kane draws what he sees. His remarkable career has taken him around the world, and he has documented the people and places he's encountered in his unique painting and drawing style--on location--wherever he goes. He calls New York home, but has a growing international following. `An Excuse to Draw `is the first book-length collection of Kane's work, and it is filled with full-page illustrations and reproductions of pages taken from his sketch books.
Kane has worked in advertising as a creative director for more than thirty years. His style is inspired by comic artists like R. Crumb and James Jean, and by `MAD Magazine`--but his interpretations of the world are decidedly original. With a bag filled with pens and watercolors, Kane records the world as he travels, bringing readers along for the ride. Witty descriptions and observations accompany the hand-drawn full-color illustrations found throughout the book. Beautifully produced and exquisitely designed, `An Excuse to Draw` is the perfect introduction to the world of Tommy Kane.