Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Book Title: Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Author: Geert Verschaeve

Format: Paperback | 257 pages

Publication Date: 01 Feb 1993

ISBN-13: 9780449213315

Now, at last, there's a simple, easy-to-follow method for reducing the anxiety and panic attacks that feel like they are taking over your life. Developed by a renowned stress management consultant who has been there himself, you will discover the simple five-step prgram that will help you, conquer fear, reduce or eliminate anxiety, end stress-related illness, and change bad habits, and more--all without drugs or expensive therapy. You don't have to suffer anymore--join the countless number of people who have been helped by Robert Handly's LIFE-PLUS PLAN--starting right now!
"Readable and timely, this is an important self-help book in our stressful times."