A Nice Lady in Shanghai and Other Stories Pack

A Nice Lady in Shanghai and Other Stories Pack

Book Title: A Nice Lady in Shanghai and Other Stories Pack

Author: Anqi Ding

Format: Mixed media product | 88 pages

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2010

ISBN-13: 9780230406605

"A Nice Lady in Shanghai" is part of the four-level "Tian Tian Zhongwen" series, a carefully graded Mandarin Chinese language reader series for upper-elementary to upper-intermediate Chinese language learners. The book contains a selection of 20 colorful and enjoyable stories and articles about China. A wide range of topics is covered, including modern China, ancient fables, history, culture, lifestyle, the Chinese language and more. Besides gaining a greater insight into China, the stories help learners increase their Chinese reading and Simplified Chinese character recognition skills through meaningful and stimulating contexts. Each illustrated story contains vocabulary boxes with translations of difficult vocabulary, a Language Points section explaining key grammar used in the story, and comprehension questions to check students' understanding. The book is packaged with an audio CD containing recordings of each story, as well as English language translations to aid understanding. "A Nice Lady in Shanghai" belongs to the Turquoise Level of the "Tian Tian Zhongwen" series, and is designed for low-intermediate level learners.
The vocabulary amount is limited to the most commonly used 1,000 Mandarin Chinese words.